Purdue coach Dave Shondell gives his insight as he joins our weekly NCAA volleyball video

Purdue’s season ended at Pitt

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As we all head to Columbus for this week’s NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship, we recognized there is only one team that played all four teams in the national semifinals: Purdue.

So veteran Boilermakers coach Dave Shondell joined Salima Rockwell, Jenny Hazelwood, Emily Ehman, and me for our weekly NCAA volleyball visit and it’s all you could ask for and more. You don’t want to miss him not only talking about his tough matches, the four teams left — Wisconsin, Nebraska, Louisville, and Pitt — but also what he had to say about the young Kelly Sheffield while they were growing up in Muncie:

Salima Rockwell is the former national-team player who was an assistant at Penn State and Texas and now is a TV analyst calling volleyball matches on the Big Ten Network, ESPN, and more.

Jenny Hazelwood, an ESPN analyst, is the former Mississippi State coach, and her club, Infinity in Jackson, Mississippi, is setting new girls club-volleyball standards in the Southeast.

Emily Ehman, a former Northwestern player and regular contributor to VolleyballMag.com, is a Big Ten Network analyst.

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