AthletesGoLive “multi-functional mobile, desktop app revolutionizing amateur athletics”

As club sports further develop, collegiate programs expand, and high schools receive more athletic-program funding, an audience of family, fans, and college coaches are seeking out programming and functionality. The challenge has always been to create a high-resolution presentation, real-time scoring, expanded stats, and sports entertainment in an affordable manner.

The founders of AthletesGoLive, one of the fastest growing sports tech companies in the United States, responded.

AthletesGoLive (AGL) is a multi-functional mobile and desktop application that is revolutionizing amateur athletics.

AGL has the ability to live stream and live score sporting events of all kinds, have access to advanced team and player stats, help recruiting, offer event management, fundraising and much more.

AthletesGoLive is, simply, changing the face of amateur athletics. AGL will also be partnering with in 2022 to bring new video content to our site.

AGL’s platform is like no other. It can integrate live sports streaming, scoring, and athlete profiles (recruiting) into one platform, providing a seamless presentation to the end users and incredible abilities to interact with college coaches.

Utilizing a single-camera model, any team can access the AGL platform anywhere and anytime. Additionally, for event companies, AGL has the capabilities to provide a high-performance streaming broadcast using multi-cameras, graphics, announcers, and all the features one would experience while watching a network presentation of today’s sports programs.

AthletesGoLive Media, a division of AGL, allows advertisers to engage the viewing audience through a variety of deliverables, including 30-second commercials, logo bugs on screen and scoreboards, voice over, and tailored-brand-produced features to a captive audience.

AGL Media also has a robust social-media division that works with its brand clients to develop and integrate specialized messaging and engagement with a coveted audience.

AGL is excited to announce its partnership with some of the most respected events organizations in volleyball, including the Austin (Texas) Juniors “First Point Collegiate Challenge” in February, a men’s tournament that will include NCAA-champion Hawaii and Stanford. The matches will be live streamed using a multi-camera production, as well as syndicated to Hawaii’s Spectrum Cable Network to show all the Rainbow Warriors’ games live.

AGL is also working with Tampa Volleyball Events to stream the “2022 Music City Volleyball Championships” in Nashville, Tennessee, in mid-January. In March, AGL will stream the Baton Rouge Block Party girls club tournament in Louisiana.

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