Tabilo On 'Pretty Big' Practice With Fernando Gonzalez

Alejandro Tabilo represented Chile at the ATP Cup for the second time this year, claiming his first singles victory on Wednesday against Norway’s Viktor Durasovic.

Earlier in the week, Tabilo spoke to about practising with Fernando Gonzalez, what he loves about Chile and more.

Which teammate’s shot would you like to add to your game?
Out of all my teammates I would say Tommy’s forehand drop shot, which is very unique. He brings his hand up to the throat and is very clear with how he hits that shot. It’s pretty nice. It’s a pretty good shot that he has. It’s his signature shot.

Who would most likely be late for practice or a team dinner?
I would say our captain, Jorge Aguilar. He would be most likely to not show up or be a bit late. It’s just how we know him, it’s a funny thing.

Describe in just a few words the different personalities within your team?
I feel like we’re like a lot of South Americans, the whole team is pretty out there, pretty outgoing. Our captain has a great personality, he’s not shy at all. He’s just out there. Marin is a pretty chill dude, he’s talkative. He’s a very nice guy. I would say Tomas is very laid back. He could be in his room all day if he wanted to. He’s chill. I’m more to myself, a little bit shier. But if I get to know people, I’m really out there.

Tabilo, Barrios Vera, Team Chile
Photo Credit: Andrew Eichenholz/ATP Tour
Tell me about your first tennis club?
It’s a pretty nice club, it’s pretty small. Club Providencia. It’s very small, so we all know each other, it’s a pretty nice vibe. It’s like a family, we all know each other. I’ve been there since i moved to Chile so it’s been almost three years training there with Tommy and my coach. My first memory is training with Fernando Gonzalez. It was basically my first practice when I got to Chile, so since I’ve been there I’ve been playing pretty well. I’ve been going up. So it’s been almost all great memories.

It was pretty big for me. I was coming from training in the United States. In almost my first practice in Chile to be able to hit with him was pretty big for me. It was an honor. For him being retired for so long, his game is still there, his forehand is obviously still there. I was surprised to see him hit that well. It was great motivation to keep training.

Opportunity to maintain his mantle?
For me to represent Chile in any competition is always an honour. I always wanted to play for Chile. I changed my nationality to Chilean because I was Canadian. It’s always been my goal, so to be able to compete and play for my people, it’s always nice, especially with all the culture they have with great tennis players. That’s something I always look up to.

What are three things you love about your country?
The people. They’re very friendly, they always want to help. it’s a family atmosphere. The food there. There are always a bunch of places to go with different types of stuff. You always get to try something new. I would say the scenery. Chile is such a long country, you get to see a little bit of everything. It’s such a beautiful country. Something I’ve always wanted to do is travel a little bit to get to know more of Chile, but it’s such a beautiful country.

What is your favourite place to visit in your country and why?
I would have to say Vina del Mar, by the beach. My favourite soccer team is from there. It’s called Everton. They play in Vina. Recently I got to see them play live for the first time. I have family there too, so it’s always nice to go and relax a little bit.

What’s your favourite part about the team atmosphere?
We’re all pretty young, we’re all almost the same age, so we get along very well. We’re all very good friends and I think that’s very important. We support each other through the good and the bad. Everybody being so young, it’s nice to compete, motivation to keep going forward and we push each other. It’s nice with the team atmosphere to have good vibes and a nice atmosphere here.

Two years ago I was able to play one doubles match here, so to come now as the No. 2, it’s always a great opportunity with all the top players.

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