If he had a fair exemption from the rule, he should be here

By Chris Oddo | @TheFanChild | Wednesday January 5, 2021

Daniil Medvedev has developed a strong friendship with Novak Djokovic over the years, as the two players have shared a budding rivalry for the past few seasons. The Russian, who guided his country to an ATP Cup victory over Italy on Thursday, spoke about Djokovic’s difficulties with Australian authorities on the day that the World No.1 had his visa revoked not long after landing at the airport in Melbourne.

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“My view on this situation is quite straightforward,” Medvedev said. “You know, there are rules. There are exemptions from rules. I cannot know exactly what happened in the papers, because what we know, I know the same as everybody.”

Medvedev, like many of us, can only speculate on what might have transpired between Djokovic, the Australian government, Tennis Australia and the State of Victoria.

“I don’t know if it’s the prime minister of Australia who went into the case, if it’s maybe the prime minister of Victoria state, of Craig Tiley, I have no idea, because I’m not inside the situation,” he said. “So for me it’s tough to say. If he had a fair exemption from the rule, well, he should be here; if he didn’t, he shouldn’t be here. To be honest, it sounds easy, but again, it seems very tough in real life, and I don’t know the insides of the story, so that’s why I’m just focusing on myself.

“If he has an exemption, well, should be here,” If something was wrong with the papers and they didn’t let him in, well, that’s what happens sometimes.”

“Medvedev says that encountering visa problems on tour is not all that uncommon on tour. He even has his own stories to share.

“I have [had] a lot of problems with visas in my career,” he said. “One time I couldn’t play challenger in Great Britain. Actually this year, US Open — U.S. swing was a big question mark because I didn’t have my visa for long time and all the embassies were closed because of COVID. We all have different situations and problems with different countries. That’s his one. It’s better to ask him for sure if he gives any comments.”

Djokovic is reportedly still in Australia, and is expected to remain there until Monday, when his appeal will be reviewed in the Australian courts.

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