Unified Tennis Can Transcend Politics

Andrey Rublev made a famous plea for peace in February

Today, Rublev made a case for tennis transcending politics.

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The top-seeded Rublev defeated Jack Draper 6-4, 6-2 at the Citi Open in Washington, DC.

Afterward, Rublev was asked if tennis can be a platform for unity.

Rublev, who was among the Russians and Belarusians banned by Wimbledon in condemnation of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, said tennis can transcend politics—and set an example for sport in the process.

“Of course I think politics were always in sport. Everybody knows this,” Rublev said. “But I do believe that by being united and doing good things for the peace, tennis can be, in general, if tennis will be example of it, maybe other sports will follow, and in general, maybe one day sport can be without politics.

“Obviously at least I believe that tennis can be without politics, because tennis is something that is independent. I think it’s one of not many sports that’s independent from the rest of the sports.”

Rublev, who played doubles and won the title at Marseille in February partnering Ukrainian Denys Molchanov, says he supports unity.

The eighth-ranked Rublev courageously took the courageous step of signing the camera “No War Please” after his win in Dubai last February.

Rublev says the fact tennis is an international, inclusive sport gives the game the opportunity to rise above politics.

“We have players from everywhere. We play every country,” Rublev said. “There is not one place that we are performing. We are traveling all around the world.

“I think tennis have a good chance to be outside of politics, because, yeah, we have all the nations. We have boys and girls, so many, all the continents, so many countries, so many tournaments per year, and I think then it depends already of the persons who works in ATP, WTA, also the players, because in the end you have to start from yourself.”

Photo credit: Open 13 Provence Facebook

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