Qualifiers, ceremonies done, main draw set for Friday’s AVP Manhattan Beach Open

Eight women’s and eight men’s pairs made it through the qualifier Thursday at the AVP Gold Series Manhattan Beach Open. 

It sets up Friday’s main draw that begins at 8 a.m. Pacific. The tournament can be seen on the AVP YouTube channel.

The women’s field includes a few current NCAA standouts who advanced, including Audrey and Nicole Nourse of national-champion USC and UCLA’s Abby Van Winkle, who is playing with 39-year-old Brazilian Maria Clara Salgado.

The men’s survivors include VolleyballMag.com beach editor Travis Mewhirter and partner John-Michael Plummer and current Stanford indoors standout Will Rottman, who is playing with 40-year-old Shane Cervantes. Shane’s younger brother, Ric, also made it through with former UC Santa Barbara indoors standout Jonah Self.

Terese Cannon/Sarah Sponcil (1) vs. Audrey Nourse/Nicole Nourse (32, Q27)
Jessica Gaffney/Megan Rice (17) vs. Aurora Davis/Teegan Van Gunst (16)
Corinne Quiggle/Sarah Schermerhorn (9) vs. Falyn Fonoimoana/Chelsea Rice (24)
Samantha Parrish/Madison Shields (25) vs. Larissa Maestrini/Liliane Maestrini (8)
Zana Muno/Brandie Wilkerson (5) vs. Cecilia Agraz/Tani Stephens (28, Q9)
Kylie Deberg/Kahlee York (21) vs. Carly Kan/Kaitlyn Malaney (12)
Megan Kraft/Emily Stockman (13) vs. Kimberly Hildreth/Karolina Marciniak (20, Q1)
Megan Gebhard/Kate Reilly (29, Q10) vs. Julia Scoles/Geena Urango (4)
Kelly Cheng/Betsi Flint (3) vs. Charlie Ekstrom/Skyler Germann (30)
Macy Jerger/Carly Skjodt (19) vs. Deahna Kraft/Allie Wheeler (14)
Lauren Fendrick/Hailey Harward (11) vs. Molly Turner/Torrey Van Winden (22, Q2)
Amy Ozee/Mariah Whalen (27) vs. Taryn Kloth/Kristen Nuss (6)
Sarah Pavan/Mackenzie Ponnet (7) vs. Katie Spieler/Carly Wopat (26, Q4)
Brook Bauer/Katie Horton (23, Q3) vs. Emily Day/Savvy Simo (10)
Katie Dickens/Jennifer Keddy (15) vs. Delaney Mewhirter/Kelly Reeves (18)
Maria Clara Salgado/Abby Van Winkle (31, Q21) vs. Sara Hughes/Kelley Kolinske (2)
Theo Brunner/Chaim Schalk (1) vs. Frank Field/Tal Shavit (32, Q47)
Tim Bomgren/Piotr Marciniak (17) vs. Cody Caldwell/Ed Ratledge (16)
Timothy Brewster/Kyle Friend (9) vs. Brian Miller/Raffe Paulis (24)
Peter Connole/Silila Tucker (25, Q4) vs. Evan Cory/Billy Kolinske (8)
Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander (5) vs. Kevin Coyle/Alex Ukkelberg (28, Q21)
Marty Lorenz/Adam Roberts (21, Q1) vs. John Hyden/Logan Webber (12)
Skylar del Sol/Andrew Dentler (13) vs. Caleb Kwekel/Ian Satterfield (20)
Devon Burki/Shane Cervantes (29, Q40) vs. Chase Budinger/Troy Field (4)
Paul Lotman/Miles Partain (3) vs. Ric Cervantes/Jonah Seif (30, Q27)
Jake Dietrich/Hagen Smith (19) vs. Seain Cook/Noah Dyer (14)
Billy Allen/Jeremy Casebeer (11) vs. Jeff Samuels/Christopher Vaughan (22)
Guille Jimenez/Tyler Penberthy (27) vs. David Lee/Casey Patterson (6)
Andy Benesh/Miles Evans (7) vs. Michael Groselle/Nathan Yang (26, Q7)
Travis Mewhirter/John-Michael Plummer (23, Q3) vs. Avery Drost/Chase Frishman (10)
Phil Dalhausser/John Sutton (15) vs. Jacob Landel/Lev Priima (18)
Wyatt Harrison/Charlie Siragusa (31) vs. Tri Bourne/Trevor Crabb (2)

Click here for Thursday’s women’s qualifiers results, and here for the men’s, courtesy of BVBinfo.com.

Also Thursday, last year’s winners had their plaques revealed on the Manhattan Beach Pier. Olympic gold-medalists April Ross and Alix Klineman, along with this year’s No. 2 men’s seed, Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb, took part in the ceremony.

Tri Bourne holds his daughter as he and Trevor Crabb see their plaque on the Manhattan Beach Pier/AVP photo

Ross and Klineman won in 2018. Ross is now on the pier four times, since she also won in 2014 with Kerri Walsh Jennings and in 2015 with Jen Fopma. Neither Ross nor Klineman have competed in 2021.

Crabb also won in 2019 with Reid Priddy.

“It is the biggest thing as an American beach volleyball player,” Bourne said. “I remember coming here as a kid and walking on the pier and being like ‘Wow, these are the legends of the game.’ You see Stein Metzger’s name and some of the other Hawaiian guys, and wow, I guess it just means a lot.”

For a complete look at the MBO, read our tournament preview here.

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