Houston coach Dave Rehr, Yale’s Erin Appleman, both riding high, join the VBM NCAA Zoom

It’s Halloween, so Southern Miss coach Jenny Hazelwood wore a sloth costume.

Yale coach Erin Appleman didn’t wear a costume, but October 31 is her birthday. Her teams is 18-1, 10-0 in the Ivy League, and riding a 16-match winning streak.

Houston coach Dave Rehr neither wore a costume nor celebrated a birthday, but his Cougars are 21-2, 12-0 in the American Athletic Conference, and have won 13 in a row. Houston will be in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2000.

They joined Emily Ehman of the Big Ten Network and ESPN and VolleyballMag.com editor Lee Feinswog for their weekly NCAA Zoom:

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