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Boxing has been a popular sport for centuries, and over time it has grown to become one of the biggest and most exciting sporting events in the world. While boxing matches can be held in various settings, from small clubs to local arenas, there are certain competitions that have earned a reputation for being the largest and most prestigious in the world of boxing. Here are some of the biggest boxing competitions in the sport.

  1. Olympic Games Boxing: The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world, and boxing is a part of that event. The Olympic Games are held every four years, and boxing has been a part of the event since the modern games began in 1904. The boxing competition at the Olympics is an amateur competition, meaning that only boxers who have not yet turned professional can compete. Despite being an amateur competition, the boxing at the Olympics is still considered one of the biggest events in the sport.
  2. WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO Championship Fights: The World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Organization (WBO) are the four most recognized organizations in professional boxing. Each of these organizations has different weight classes, and they each hold their own championship fights. These championship fights are considered the most prestigious in the sport, and winning one of these titles can put a boxer on the path to becoming a household name.

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  1. The World Boxing Super Series: The World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) is a tournament-style boxing competition that was first held in 2017. The WBSS features boxers from various weight classes, and the winner is awarded the Muhammad Ali Trophy. The tournament is held over several months, with the final fight taking place in a neutral location. The WBSS has quickly become one of the most exciting events in boxing, with fans eagerly anticipating each fight.
  2. The Heavyweight Division: The heavyweight division is considered the most exciting and prestigious division in boxing. While there are many other weight classes in the sport, the heavyweight division features the biggest and most powerful boxers in the world. When a heavyweight championship fight is announced, it garners a lot of attention and excitement from fans around the world.

There are various boxing competitions in the sport, but these four are considered the biggest and most prestigious. From the Olympic Games to championship fights, boxing competitions are some of the most exciting events in the world of sports. Whether you are a die-hard boxing fan or just enjoy watching the occasional match, these events are not to be missed.